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The Real World Guide to Moving to Mallorca

Your complete real world guide to relocating to Mallorca (not the Instagram Version...)

We wanted to share with you real experiences of relocating to Mallorca, not your usual download this Free Guide from Instagram on relocation to Spain and applying for your NIE Number or registering for a bank account but a real world perspective from dealing with those pesky mosquitoes to the joys of owning your dream home here in the magical Island of Mallorca.

Focus on the "Why"........

Before we dive into some the experiences and frustrations you will encounter we want to keep focusing on the 'Why' you are about to embark on the next chapter of your life journey. Once you know the 'Why'....the rest is fairly straightforward....well so they say.

Many of our clients, friends and family say they took the decision to move to Mallorca due to some of the many reasons we took the decision ourselves.

How many times have you said, "I'm dreading the clocks going back"......... "I think I have SAD syndrome" ...."This bloomin weather".... "I couldn’t event get a seat on the train"......"One hour to drive 10 miles"..... "I work harder than my boss"...."I need a holiday"......."I need some sunshine in my life".... "Lifes too short".... "This Government hasn’t got a clue what they are doing"..... "I need some bluesky in my life".... "one inch of snow and the whole country comes to a halt".... "they pushed in front of me in the queue, so rude".... "its so expensive"... "thats the worst customer service Ive ever had I'm switching companies".... "I dread going back to work after our hols"... "they hiked up the price of holidays during half term, unbelievable".... " one hour on the phone to the GP Surgery and the Receptionist/GP Police Officer wouldn’t even give me a god damn Doctors appointment, I need antibiotics".......

How many times have you been able to say or heard "Lets have a BBQ later"...."fancy going for a swim"......"Can you pop to the market get some more lemons"...." "Wow thats so beautiful"......"OMG come see this"..... "Thats the tastiest salad Ive ever had".... "Delicious wine darling, yes its from the local Bodega".... "we don't serve farmed fish here"..... "So magical"..... "your clothes are so colourful where did you get them"... "we just love it here"..... "its paradise".... "send this to them on Whatsapp they’ll love it"... "OMG it's so hot today"...... "lets go for an adventure".... "Thats the clearest water Ive ever swam in"... "thats what I call a steak mmmm"....... "such a beautiful sunset".... "its like a real life Disney"....

It's important to look back sometimes to ensure your journey going forward is a success.

It's often misquoted (in our opinion) that Mallorca is the 'California of the Mediterranean' ............ Well seeing as Mallorca has been around the block alot longer than California (approx 8,000 years longer), I beg to differ and suggest that California is the baby brother of Mallorca, looking up to its older sibling with some envy.

The first traces of human life in Mallorca go back to the 6,000 years before Christ. The first inhabitants came by sea and lived in caves, such as those that can be found in Porto Cristo -, Campanet and Arta. They hunted goat and antelope for food and later, they kept pets and built huts made of wood or stone. Between 1500 and 300 BC, the Talayot culture was at its peak and 20 new settlements for several hundred inhabitants were created. The Talayots were originally used as watchtowers, later as dwellings, but also as places of worship. Artefacts have been found in Cala Pi, Arta, Llucmajor, Santa Margalida, Santanyi and Puig de Na Morisca in Santa Ponsa.

Fast forward a few thousand years in time to the era of the Romans in Mallorca. In the year 123, 3,000 Roman legionaries conquered the island.

700 years BC the Arabs started to take an interest in Mallorca. They came first as pirates and plundered, not only on Mallorca and Menorca, but also on other Mediterranean islands, such as Sardinia. From the 9th century the period of Arab rule began.

The Arabic era ended in 1229 with the conquest of the island by Jaime I of Aragon, who on 12 September 1229 landed with his armada in Santa Ponsa and entered Palma on 31 December 1229.

Enriched with a dynamic history with countless historical towns and villages, monuments and castles from beautiful beaches, stunning mountain backdrops and turquoise waters; gorgeous countryside to tasty Mediterranean cuisine; fabulous hotels to lively bars; sunny climate to fascinating culture: the TRUTH IS, with Mallorca there is something for everyone.

OK so you know 'Why' you want to move to what about the 'How'....

You've probably already read "Guide to Move to Spain"....... "What is an NIE Number"....... "How to set up a bank account in Spain"...... and watched many episodes of A Place in the Sun.......if not don't worry we can confirm the process is straightforward and easy to navigate through once you have the right advisors.

However we can also confirm you will get frustrated along the way as, things tend to move somewhat slower here in Mallorca, Spain compared to speeds you are probably more a-kind to overseas.

The best advice we can give, is be patient. Even with the best digital technology available now for communicating across the globe you would think the process should be fairly easy and efficient......mmmm well it really does depend on which advisors you choose for what service you need.

The number one rule I would advise any client looking to relocate to Mallorca is choose professional advisors.... choose professional advisors you can trust 100%........ there are many many many advisors here in Mallorca that are not 100% professional.....that are not chartered, do not have qualifications and do not act in the best interests of their clients..... It's a 'buyers beware' market....... There’s also lots and lots of illegal properties in Mallorca.

Even some of the best know branded companies in Mallorca (with the glossiest of Instagrams Accounts), tend to lose sight of their clients dreams, lost in the mix of driving revenue in a highly competitive commercial market. You can most certainly get the poorest service from some of the largest of companies in Mallorca. Of course you can also get poor service from some of the smallest companies here in Mallorca, its about selecting the right team to help you on your journey.

As a quick example we fell into this trap only very recently, after browsing many restaurants (to go somewhere different for a change) on Instagram to go celebrate a birthday meal and was wowed by the images of colourful food, a gluten free menu, amazing pictures of a full restaurant, well lit vibrant, colourful dishes and deserts, only to be so disappointed , to be served up with sticky gluten sauce chicken, down a dark lane, a handful of mosquito bites served up with a nice glass of warm vino. :(

We left saying never ever again......let's stick to what we like, who recommended it, and what what we already know!!

There are of course however many beautiful restaurants in Mallorca and having already trodden the path of finding some the very best, we would always recommend this as the best approach......find someone who knows and recommends, don't rely on Instagram!!!

The Merchants Palma - Steak & Grill (Highly recommended)

Similarly we had a client recently who fell in love with a beautiful property online, and we finally persuaded them (following a visit and video live remote viewing) not to buy as it was on a busy road, and the sound of the motorcycles, and lorries in the evening would have kept them awake at night. A lost commission but a happy client. We will find them their dream home soon.....

There is lots to navigate when relocating to Mallorca, from TIE Cards, NIE Numbers, Property Deeds and Cedula's, finding work, setting up new businesses, finding your dream home, learning new languages, making new friends and associates, setting up bank accounts, finding new schools, registering at a GP, getting private healthcare.....some of this we will cover in more detail in the a series of blogs however just make sure you make your dreams become reality by aligning with the right people. The rest will fall into place.

Summing up......

  • Always remind yourselves of the Why and keep going

  • The How is easy just be patient

  • Read the guides but use 100% Professional Advisors who are on the ground and have been through the journey

  • Be Careful.....buyer beware, theres some tricksters out there

  • Don’t rely on Instagram

  • Bring Mosquito and bad people repellent

  • Enjoy life...

If you need a hand with relocating to Mallorca then contact us at:-

+34 634 425 074

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