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Digital Nomads in Mallorca

The world is continually evolving and so are the people, with many people questioning the daily 9 to 5 slog, the dreaded commute and with many businesses still not back to full capacity as the Global Pandemic still continues to effect many businesses and peoples personal lives, some are having whats called a "lightbulb moment" and turning to a new way of working.

The world of remote workers has grown significantly and many people who now consider themselves as Digital Nomads are benefiting from a more sustainable work-life balance.

Mallorca has captured the imagination of many who come here for the awe inspiring manicured landscapes, breath taking mountain backdrops, mouth watering food and wine, stunning Spanish architecture, crystal clear waters, spectacular beaches, and of course 300 days of sunshine.

Mallorca's digital nomads are independent and work remotely. They have access to the best co-living and work spaces, hi-speed internet and mobile connections often working and living with other Digital Nomads.

Many Digital Nomad professionals in Mallorca offer travel writing services, social media experts, marketers, consultancy advice, web developers, designers and online tuition.

Many Digital Nomads are choosing Mallorca to buy or rent properties due to its alluring warm climate, beautiful beaches, healthy living and welcoming and safe residential areas.

Many Digital Nomads are using the power of social media to form friendships online with like minded people and buy or rent properties together leveraging the collaborative spirit of co-living and co-working in some exclusive locations on the Island.

If sipping fresh juice on the sun drenched balcony, whilst building your business is appealing to you get in touch at Mallorca Consultants, we can help you with your journey

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